2016 Tour Season Starts June 4th!

Well, it’s that time of the year again when our regular tour season kicks into full gear.  As we have in the past we will be open every Saturday and Sunday in June, July, and August for tours.  Tours start at 2PM and 3PM.  Please note that if there are no guests ready for a tour at 3PM the guides will close up early.

It’s been a busy off-season with lots of work to the grounds around the Harker House including the removal of several trees.  So much so it is beginning to look a little bare out there!  But not to worry new trees will be planted soon forming a border along the west and south ends of the property!

Several people have asked about the tall stump that was left by the tree trimmers.


It was left on purpose and local chainsaw artist Jeff Klatt is going to be carving the stump as soon as the weather lets up a little.  He has done an awesome drawing of a victorian lady watering her flowers with a musical theme.

Harker Tree Carving

Music and flowers are a wonderful theme of the Harker Family and the ability to represent those interests with this carving will really attract to one of Storm Lake’s oldest homes.

Please note that the drawing of the carving is an early sketch, there will be some changes to the final piece.  Check out our Facebook page to see progress pictures once the work starts.

You can already see that our wonderful volunteer gardener Ann has been busy planting flowers around the house including in our new victorian urn pots.  She has also put in some perennials on the west side of the garage.  The rose bushes and day lilies have already started blooming!

So as you can see lots of stuff happening at the Harker House already this spring and tours will start on Saturday, June 4th.  Make sure you make plans to stop by the house this summer and see the inside of the home build in 1874/1875.  We did raise the cost of admission this year to $5.00 per person for adults (Children under 18 are free).  All the funds raised from admission for tours helps to preserve the history and maintain the house.

Do you have friends and family coming to visit this summer?  Make plans to bring them to the Harker House!  If you have a large group and want to tour the house outside of the normal tour hours you can contact us for a special tour.  We are happy to schedule these tours just give us a call!

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Welcome to the New Harker House Dot Com

Welcome to our newly redesigned web page, we hope that you like it. Thanks to the work of Carrie Spencer in helping to get the design done and get us live!

The goal with the new page, beyond a little different look was to create a forum in which we can present new unique stories and additional detail beyond the tour. We still believe nothing beats a person tour with one of our volunteer guides, each with their own unique perspectives of the items within the home. Our web page then is an option to take that personal tour experience to the next level and continue your experience with the Harker family.

For example, if you have toured the home in the past three years you may have seen the Civil War Sketches book, which was restored by the University of Iowa staff. This is one of my favorite pieces in the house and is a highlight for many people that have toured with me as well! A normal tour however, doesn’t provide the visitor with enough time to really see the whole value of that book but now with our web page our visitors can read all of the individual sketches of Buena Vista County Civil War veterans contained within the book!


Moving forward we invite you engage with the Harker House online and become an active part of the preservation of the Harker Family and Storm Lake history. There are a couple of ways we invite you to do this:

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There are lots of other exciting things in store for the Harker House in the upcoming months so stayed tuned! In the meantime go on Facebook and like and share our page (it’s easy to find at www.facebook.com/harkerhouse) and bookmark our web page so you can easily come back and see what’s new.

Remember that our regular tour schedule starts in June and will run every Saturday and Sunday between 2PM and 3PM through August. Special tours can be arranged almost anytime during the year for groups, just give us a call or send us an email if you want to schedule something.

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