Tour Etiquette

We appreciate your desire to experience the Harker House and want you to have the best experience possible, for that reason we ask that you adhere to the following rules:

1.  Please sign our guest book with your name, city and state of residence.

2.  We do not allow photography within the home.  You are welcome to take pictures outside of the house, in fact our guides will be happy to take a group picture – just ask!

3.  We kindly request that no food or beverage be brought inside the house.  Almost of our furnishings are original to the Harker family and we want to preserve them for future generations.

4.  We kindly ask that you do not touch items.  Oils and dirt from human hands can expedite the deterioration of historic items, it is our desire to maintain our collection for future generations.

5.  If you have kids in your group we kindly ask that you be responsible to ensure that they follow the tour etiquette outlined here and by your guide the day of your tour.

6.  Please stay within the approved walking areas at all times.

Please note:  The Harker House was built in 1875 which predates modern handicapped accessibility standards.  Guests are required to climb stairs to get into and out of the house.  Once inside the house access to the second story (Bedrooms) is via a staircase.  We apologize that the house is not fully accessible but the intent is to maintain the historic aspects of the house.

Seating inside the house during tours is not available.  The entire tour is done via standing and walking.