Victorian Cooking

The following recipes were taken from the 1894 Storm Lake Cookbook


Young Turkey

Stuff as for baking, place in a kettle, turn over boiling water enough to come up half the side, cover tight, boil one hour, then place it in a dripping pan, cover turkey over with flour, sprinkle on salt and pepper, turn over liquid it was boiled in until thoroughly wet, put into hot oven, bake one hour, oven not so hot after crust is formed over top of turkey.  Recipe by Mrs. Mary Allison Harker

Boil Ham

Soak your ham in cold water twenty-four hours, scrape the outside thoroughly, put into boiling water, cook until small bone in shank will slip out, peel off the skin and lay back on the ham until cold.  Recipe by Mrs. Mary Allison Harker

Chicken Salad

For a party of fifty, boil four large chickens until tender, let chickens be in soup over night, pick the meat from the bones and cut fine, use celery one-half, chop it separately and not as fine as chicken; for dressing boil one quart of vinegar, a little butter and sugar, and four teaspoonfuls of mustard together, then beat yolks of twelve eggs, pepper and salt to taste, stir until nearly cold.  If too stiff add a little cream; pour dressing over when ready for table.  This is nice for chopped cabbage.  Recipe by Mrs. Mary Allison Harker


**Recipes are written using the exact spelling shown in the 1894 cookbook.

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